Production bases established in 1975, since 2005, our company gives importance to the activities in the greenhouse and mold sector, generally in Turkey and abroad(Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, France, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Republic of Turkey) and satisfy the customers need from greenhouse elements and mold. Twins Greenhouse machine based on precision production high-tech CNCMechanic benches and eccentric-hydraulic presses are the biggest aims of ensuring that our farmers grow together with technology by continuously monitoring all the technological developments in the field of greenhouse. In order to meet the demands and expectations of the customers; greenhouse products and equipment, cutting, bending, plastering, progressive mold design and manufacturing method supported by AR-GE and CADCAM project with the best service to the customers. The modern twins Greenhouse are pleased to offer competitive and innovative products in Turkey and Europe with the aesthetic, ergonomic, quality and suitable price mission and vision suitable for modern production methods.

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